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Blocking pornographic tweets
This product comes from my own needs, I don't want to see a lot of pornographic Twitter accounts and a lot of invalid information on Twitter, at the same time, I found that there are a lot of users have the same demand as me, so I developed a function like this using Twitter's API. After it was actually launched, I found that it contained many problems, such as the taste speed is not fast enough, this is because of the data limitations of the Twitter API, and I need to pay the cost of using the API, which is $100 per month, and I also didn't find a very good way of spreading it, and the users didn't form an active spreading effect among themselves. The most important thing is that users may not have such a strong demand for blocking social tweets, which is caused by my misjudgment of the market. 这个产品源自于我自己的需求,我不希望在推特上面看到大量色情的推特账号和很多无效的信息,同时我发现有很多用户有跟我一样的诉求,所以我利用推特的API开发了一个这样的功能, 实际上线以后发现包含很多问题,比如品位的速度不够快,这个是因为推特API的数据限制,以及我需要支付的使用成本,每个月100美金的API使用费用, 包括我中间也没有找到一个非常好的传播方式, 用户之间没有形成主动传播的效应。 最关键的有可能用户对 社群推特的屏蔽需求没有那么强烈,是我错判的市场导致的
2023-11-15 08:22:27
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