Almost Dead Product Graveyard
Kiss your product for the last time, say goodbye to it, and then start over.
This is a place where developers' failed ideas and products are stored. A lot of time has proven that I overestimated how much developers cherish their products and underestimated the difficulty of getting developers to pay.
2023-11-04 14:28:22
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Save money and use AI to do a photo shoot from your laptop or phone instead of leaving home
feel really sad as I write this. But I knew Ineeded to wrap up.l have been working onthis product for 3 months and I was veryhappy when it was first released. But later ldiscovered that most people just came totake a look and they would not pay at all,even if I lowered the price.l think the mostfundamental reason is that my products aonot meet the needs of the market. This isalso the last thing I want to say.
2023-11-04 14:36:08
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Sure Dead PageJet
Build a high-converting landing page in 30 seconds With AI
It was my first time doing independent development and I chose a relatively crowded product type. And I don’t have much promotion experience, so I don’t know how to make him shine. But that’s okay, I’ll make other products too.
2023-11-10 14:42:12
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Sure Dead ChatPlush
Boost your workflow with ChatPlush
This is a chatgpt client application. If you ask me, what's the highlight? I'll tell you the truth, I don't know either. I think that's why this product failed, it was too similar to other products on the market.
2023-11-10 14:47:29
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Blocking pornographic tweets
This product comes from my own needs, I don't want to see a lot of pornographic Twitter accounts and a lot of invalid information on Twitter, at the same time, I found that there are a lot of users have the same demand as me, so I developed a function like this using Twitter's API. After it was actually launched, I found that it contained many problems, such as the taste speed is not fast enough, this is because of the data limitations of the Twitter API, and I need to pay the cost of using the API, which is $100 per month, and I also didn't find a very good way of spreading it, and the users didn't form an active spreading effect among themselves. The most important thing is that users may not have such a strong demand for blocking social tweets, which is caused by my misjudgment of the market. 这个产品源自于我自己的需求,我不希望在推特上面看到大量色情的推特账号和很多无效的信息,同时我发现有很多用户有跟我一样的诉求,所以我利用推特的API开发了一个这样的功能, 实际上线以后发现包含很多问题,比如品位的速度不够快,这个是因为推特API的数据限制,以及我需要支付的使用成本,每个月100美金的API使用费用, 包括我中间也没有找到一个非常好的传播方式, 用户之间没有形成主动传播的效应。 最关键的有可能用户对 社群推特的屏蔽需求没有那么强烈,是我错判的市场导致的
2023-11-15 08:22:27
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Almost Dead Lysn in
Silent disco app
Just cost too much to keep paying a developer to update it without a revenue stream. Unfortunate because it did enable a novel use case of being able to connect any audio source (like DJ gear) and broadcast over a wifi network, letting users listen into the audio stream in sync. Also had a version that worked over cellular data and connected to Spotify and SoundCloud. Would be cool to see it revived. If anyone is interested in possibly purchasing it, feel free to reach out.
2023-11-25 16:53:06
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